Supplemental resources


Supplemental resources for November 4, 2012
[See also this week’s full-text Sunday Sermon “Never Alone”]

Being There
Author John Rowen’s poignant account of his great grandfather reflects what many are feeling this week in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He writes of how the old man used to sit for hours at a certain window of the house, watching the mountains in the distance. He would think that he was back in the “old country,” in Europe, and that the mountains he saw were the mountains of his childhood. Sometimes, as he did this, night would begin to fall and a storm would be gathering. Then a tear would come in his eye. A look of real fear would come over his face, and he would say to his daughter, “Sophie, may I stay the night with you? The way is difficult!” And his daughter would always say to him, very gently, “Papa, you may stay the night with me.” It was then…

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