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"Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations"

Matthew 28:20
Acts 1:1-11; Psalm 47:2-3, 6-9; Ephesians 1:17-23; Matthew 28:16-20

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The Ascension of The Lord, A

There is a popular website (-1) that has gained the interest of hundreds of millions of followers. The premise of the site is simple. Let people post questions on virtually any topic and then watch as the incredibly diverse range of answers pour in.

Recently, a young woman posted this provocative question on the site: “I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late?”

Among the 764 posted replies to date was this woman’s answer, which read in part:

“Too late? Too late for what?

“If you slept through your 26th birthday, it’s too late for you to experience that. In case you missed it, it’s too late for you to watch the live broadcast of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.  And it’s definitely too late for you to go back to nursery school!

“But it’s not too late for you to fall in love, have kids or embark on an exciting career or series…

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