The Heavenly Voice

He has sent Me to bring the Good News to the poor

Luke 4:18
Nehemiah 8:2-6,8-10; Psalms 19:8-10,15; I Corinthians 12:12-30; Luke 1:1-4; 4:14-21

A young clergyman was anxious to improve the quality of his preaching …

He bought a new cassette tape recorder and the following Sunday recorded the entire worship service. That night, he sat down in an easy chair to listen. Everything seemed to be going well he thought to himself. And then came the sermon. When he awakened sometime later …

It is unlikely that anyone ever slept through a sermon preached by the Old Testament prophet, Amos.

Amos preached on “Social justice” with a passion. He came on strong in his concerns for the poor and the oppressed.

He looked out at men, especially the business men and he said, “You’ve been exploiting the needy, cheating those who work for you.” And he looked out over the whole crowd who had come to worship and said to them, “Thus says the Lord, ÎI loathe your worship and I hate your anthems as long as you are living the way you are. Let justice roll…

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