This is My Son, the Beloved, listen to Him

Mark 9:8
Mark 9:2-10

Sermon Week/Year

Second Sunday of Lent, B

The story is told of a young girl, sitting next to her mother in church and listening to a sermon being preached on the subject of the end of the
world …

In dramatic doom-and-gloom style, the preacher cried out, “Floods will cover the earth! Earth quakes will shake the land!” Then, as loud as he could manage it, he roared, “Darkness will fall over the whole world and flames will shoot down from Heaven.”

Hearing these dire “fire and brimstone” predictions, the little girl nudged her mother and whispered into her ear, “Will they let school out?”

Then there is the story of another preacher who was about five minutes into his Sunday sermon when a voice from the very last pew called out, “Louder!” The preacher raised his voice a bit but, again, the voice cried out, “Louder!” Whereupon the preacher bent down in order to talk as close as possible into the microphone, but the voice from the rear of the…

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