Your faith has restored you to health; go in peace ...

Mark 5:34
Mark 5:21-43

There was a Hindu philosopher named “Shankara” who taught his students that all suffering and evil are illusions …

One day, some of the students decided to test their teacher’s true belief on the subject. So they set a wild elephant loose in the garden where the teacher was strolling and meditating.

When the teacher saw the wild elephant bearing down on him, he ran to the nearest tree and scampered his way up to the very top in order to avoid danger. Later, the students chased the wild elephant from the garden and the teacher came down from the tree. Whereupon, one of the students said, “respectfully, sir, if suffering and evil are all illusions, why did you run from the wild elephant?” To which the teacher replied, “What elephant?”

We can play all kinds of tricks with our minds, but the wild elephants are the wild elephants, and Jesus Christ enables us to face up to all those wild elephant experiences, secure in…

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