The Reds And The Golds

And the dead man sat up and began to talk

Luke 7:15
1Kings 17:17-24; Psalms 30:2,4-6,11-13; Galatians 1:11-19; Luke 7:11-17

In today’s Gospel Lesson, a young man has died and is being carried out of the city by a large procession of mourners to the place of burial. At the same time, Jesus and His disciples are being followed by a great crowd into the city. As He approaches the funeral procession, Jesus sees the dead man’s mother and He “felt sorry for her.” He takes the initiative (no one has asked Him to do anything) and says to the grieving woman, “Do not cry.” Then He touches the beir and says, “‘Young man, I tell you to get up.’ And the dead man sat up and began to talk” (Lk. 7:14-15).

This is a moving example of Jesus’…

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