The Yoke Of Jesus

Do this, and life is yours

Luke 10:25-37
Deuteronomy 30:10-14; Psalms 69:14,17,30-31,33-34,36-37; Colossians 1:15-20: Luke 10:25-37

A middle-aged man visited a psychiatrist …

“Something is wrong with me,” he said. “I keep thinking that I’m a dog.” Hearing that, the doctor asked, “How long have you been feeling this way?” The patient replied, “Ever since I was a puppy.”

“The Little Tree that Wished to Have Different Leaves” is the title of a folk-poem the school children of Vienna used to recite. It tells the story of a little oak tree, standing alone, amid hundreds of trees bearing leaves that are different from its own …

Seeing the other varieties, the oak tree becomes envious. “If I were allowed to change my leaves I would be the happiest tree in the forest,” it cries out. Hearing this, the Forest Fairy grants the little oak tree three wishes.

First, the little tree wishes for leaves of “deep red rose petals.” But a goat comes along and eats them up.

Next, it wishes for leaves of “shimmering glass.” But a storm comes…

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