This Is Where We Find Him!

You hypocrites... give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar -- and to God what belongs to God

Matthew 22:18,21
Isaiah 45:1,4-6; Psalms 96:1,3-5,7-10; I Thessalonians 1:1-5; Matthew 22:15-21

In an article attributed to the Wall Street Journal, the following was allegedly heard on the floor of the United States House of Representatives: “Never before have I heard such ill-informed, wimpy, back-stabbing drivel as that just uttered by my respected colleague, the distinguished gentleman from Ohio.”

Much more than ill-informed, wimpy, back-stabbing drivel, Jesus came down hard on hypocrisy. And when He did, the condemnation was always against His own people — the respected, distinguished, Church-going people of his time. He condemned them for “show-boating” when they gave alms: “Hypocrites looking for applause,” He called them. He condemned them for show-boating when they prayed. They go to church and pray “in order to be noticed,” He said. He condemned…

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