Turn Toward The Light

You are the light of the world ... your light must shine in the sight of men

Matthew 5:14,16
Isaiah 58:7-10; Psalms 112:4-9; I Corinthians 2:1-5; Matthew 5:13-16

In a recent magazine cartoon, two scientists, dressed in lab coats, are observing some kind of agricultural experiment. A row of plants is pictured in front of the scientists — flanked on one side by a powerful bright light — and on the other side by a large television screen. Each of the plants is leaning fully in the direction of the image on the TV. The caption beneath reads: “Notice how they grow away from the incandescent light source and toward the malicious celebrity gossip.”-1

We hear that and laugh because it strikes a chord in us. As Christians, how often do each of us turn away from the Life Sustaining Light of Christ, and toward the baser things of this world? The New Testament writers teach us that the very foundation of our faith is rooted in our willingness to turn away from anything in our life that keeps us from acknowledging that the world out there — with all its problems —…

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