Vast, Infinite and Mind Blowing

"The sheep that belong to Me listen to My voice; I know them and they follow Me"

John 10:27
Acts 13:14,43-52; Psalm 100:1-2,3,5; Revelation 7:9,14-17; John 10:27-30

Sermon Week/Year

Fourth Sunday of Easter, C

Some of you will recall being awestruck when you first began studying our universe in junior high school science class. Among the incredible facts you discovered was that light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles – per second. That’s right! In the blink of an eye a beam of light can make it around our planet almost 8 times! So, if light can travel 8 times around the earth in a single second, how much distance does it cover in a year? If you said 6 trillion miles, you’d be in the right ballpark. It’s mind blowing to think about. Now consider this astonishing development reported by astrophysicists just in March of this year (2022). The Hubble telescope, which…

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