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Father, forgive them

Luke 23:34
II Samuel 5:1-3; Psalms 122:1-5; Colossians 1:12-20; Luke 23:35-43

Forgiveness. Perhaps as much as any other topic, a great deal has been written and said about forgiveness — in our Bibles, from this pulpit, among our friends and families. Increasingly, psychologists, behavioral scientists and others are probing what is called “The New Science of Forgiveness.” They talk about forgiveness as a way to overcome the intense hurt and anger from past violations and acts of betrayal. And we know that victims of abuse, divorce, infidelity, and other personal tragedies are often quite conflicted about forgiveness. We wonder, do they try to forgive because it’s the “right thing to do?” Is forgiveness necessary for healing to occur? Are some things unforgivable? Even if one wants to forgive, how would they do it? Surely, anyone who has traveled the bumpy road of life for more than a few years has asked all of these questions.

Pick up any book of quotable quotes and topping the list are reflections on forgiveness. Here are just three, randomly…

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