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Jesus, who could see they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him King, escaped back to the hills by Himself

John 6:15
II Kings 4:42-44; Psalms 145:10-11,15-16,17-18; Ephesians 4:1-6; John 6:1-15

A prominent Christian author has written, “I’d give a thousand sunsets to see the expression on Jesus’ face when he heard the Samaritan woman at the well speak these words: ‘I know that Messiah — that is, Christ — is coming, and when He comes, He will tell us everything’ (John 4:25).

“Did His eyes water? Did He smile? Did He look up into the clouds and cast a holy wink in the direction of His Heavenly Father? Of all places to find a hungry heart — Samaria? Of all the Samaritans to be searching for God — a woman?

“Of all the women to have an insatiable appetite for God — a five-time divorcee? Remarkable! Of all people to be chosen to personally receive the Secret of the Ages — an outcast among outcasts. Jesus didn’t reveal the secret to King Herod or the religious Establishment bigwigs. He didn’t announce His identity and present His credentials within the Colonnades of a Roman Court.…

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