What About Yours?

Woman, you have great faith! Let your wish be granted

Matthew 15:28
Isaiah 56:1,6-7; Psalm 67:2-3,5-6,8; Romans 11:13-15,29-32; Matthew 15:21-28

A father who worked as an electrical engineer was helping his 14-year-old daughter with her online schoolwork. After explaining the properties of alternating and direct current, the daughter looked up from her screen and said, “Dad, you’re so smart you should be a woman.”

For parents, when your child goes off to college or moves away to start a career or family of their own, suddenly, God gives you a break. You no longer see the hours of helping them with online schoolwork, messy rooms, or hear the shouts of rebellion. And suddenly, you realize that in your God given life you have known something of the mystery of Divine Love — that desperately intense, unconditional love and care…

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