What Are We Listening For?

It is Mary who has chosen the better part ...

Luke 10:42
Genesis 18:1-10; Psalms 15:2-5; Colossians 1:24-28; Luke 10:38-42

It was high noon in midtown Manhattan. The streets were buzzing with activity: crowds of people scurrying to lunch; auto horns honking; brakes screeching; a siren wailing. Two men were making their way together through the throng. One was a native New Yorker, the other a Kansas farmer on a visit. Suddenly, the farmer stopped and said to his host, “Hold on! I hear a cricket!” His friend replied, “Are you kidding? Even if there were a cricket around here, which isn’t likely, you would never be able to hear it over all this noise.” The farmer remained quiet for a few moments, then walked several paces to the corner where a bush was growing in a large cement planter.…

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