What’s In A Name?

... and threw himself at the feet of Jesus and thanked Him

Luke 17:16
II Kings 5:14-17; Psalms 98:1-4; II Timothy 2:8-13; Luke 17:11-19

A Franciscan Brother named Phillip Kelly was ministering to a large group of migrant workers from Puerto Rico. Every year they journeyed to the U.S. mainland to pick fruits and vegetables for a big canning company. Many of the workers brought their families with them, and they all aspired to earn enough money to one day build a house on their native island.

Each December, the workers and their families would gather together in a Church basement for a holiday celebration that culminated with a drawing for a chance to win an all-expense-paid luxury vacation. To fund the drawing, each of the several hundred families contributed five dollars or more. As the workers arrived at the church they would deposit…

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