Witness to the Light

He came as a witness ... to speak for the Light

John 1:7
Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalms 98:1-6; Hebrews 1:1-6; John 1:1-18

Sermon Week/Year

Christmas Day, C

Several years ago, New York Cityís Hayden Planetarium was enhanced by a special feature …

A giant lollipop tree was projected onto the planetarium dome. It was surrounded by horizons filled with brilliantly-colored toys which came to life and danced to the tune of ìJingle Bells.î

At the showís climax, a giant figure of Santa Claus appeared and then faded out in a snowstorm, as the Star of Bethlehem broke through, appearing in a sky that was an exact configuration of the Palestine sky on the night of the first Christmas.

The designer of the show had dramatically staged the supreme Christmas message our world needs to understand. Santa Claus and the lollipop tree are unreal substitutes for the…

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