Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful?

No prophet is ever accepted in his own country

Luke 4:24
Jeremiah 1:4-5,17-19; Psalm 71:1-6,15-17; I Corinthians 12:31-13:13; Luke 4:21-30

A man went to church one Sunday morning expecting nothing unusual to happen. There were the same words to be spoken, the same announcements to be listened to, and the same hymns to be sung with the same old congregation. Over the years he’d done this so he often that he was almost unaware — turning his mind to automatic pilot and letting his thoughts drift off in other directions. And this Sunday morning was no different. He sat down in a pew, turned off his mind, and let the words and music wash around him like waves swirling around a log cast up on the beach.

As usual, the man stood up and sat down at the proper times. He folded his hands and bowed his head at the proper times. He turned the pages to the proper hymns at the proper times. And just as he was beginning to say the Lord’s Prayer, a thought suddenly struck him: “I have come here…

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