I was born for this; to bear witness to the truth

John 18:37
John 18:1-19:42

Sermon Week/Year

Good Friday, B

Many of you are aware, perhaps, of the fictional piece of Universal Legislation called “Gumperson’s Law” …

Gumperson’s Law explains why, when you’re in the city, late for an appointment, every parking space is on the other side of the street, going the other way.

Gumperson’s Law explains why your last match can’t get the campfire lighted, but that same match could start a forest fire.

Gumperson’s Law explains why the forgotten casserole is still in the oven when the holiday dinner is over.

We can put the blame on Gumperson’s Law for our ills and the world’s ills if we want to. But the New Testament writers say “No!” They are telling us to repent instead, especially on Good Friday.

They are telling us to look at ourselves honestly.

They are telling us to be honest about the way we have been hurting ourselves, and hurting other people.

Only then, the New Testament writers tell us, can we make an appropriate response to God’s…

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