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The Kingdom of God is very near to you

Luke 10:9
Isaiah 66:10-14; Psalms 66:1-7,16,20; Galatians 6:14-18; Luke 10:1-12,17-20

A group of High School Religion Class students were asked to write a scenario for what might have transpired in Heaven when Jesus returned after the Resurrection. One student created the following scene …

Jesus is walking down the Golden Street, arm-in-arm with the Angel Gabriel. The angel speaks first: “Master, You died for the whole world down there, did You not?” “Yes!” Jesus answers.

“You must have suffered much.” “Yes.”

“And do they all know about it?” To which Jesus replies, “Oh no. Only a few in Palestine know about it so far.” “Well Master,” says Gabriel, “what is Your plan? What have You done about telling all the world’s people You died for them? What is Your plan?”

“Well,” Jesus answers, “I asked James and John and Peter and Andrew and some others down there to make the business of telling others about Me the Number One priority in their lives, and the others are to tell others, and the others, others —…

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