The Need To Change

Psychiatrists tell us that a common complaint of their patients is “I don’t seem to be going anywhere with my life.” Reason enough, to be in the grip of despair. One is reminded of the ancient parable of life in which a young sea horse said to his father…

“Give me my inheritance. It’s time for me to live my own life. I’m going to seek my fortune.” His father gave him ten gold coins, and the young sea horse eagerly swam away.

Before long, he met an eel who stopped and asked, “Where are you going?”

He replied, “I’m going to seek my fortune!”

The eel said, “If you give me three of those gold coins, I’ll let you have these electric flippers that will get you there in half the time.” The sea horse became excited. He gave the eel the coins and went on his way quicker than before.

After using his electric flippers for awhile, he met he met up with an octopus who asked, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I’m going to seek my fortune!” exclaimed the sea horse.

“I’ll sell you my aqua-scooter for three of your gold coins. Then you’ll get to wherever you’re going much faster.” The seas horse, now more excited than ever, gave him the coins, hopped on the aqua-scooter and went on his way, faster than ever.

Soon he came upon a big shark who asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to seek my fortune!” declared the sea horse..

“Well,” said the shark, “if you ‘ll give me those four coins I’ll show you a shortcut that will get you there much quicker.”

The sea horse was now beside himself with excitement. He gave the shark the last of his coins, adjusted his flippers, put his aqua-scooter into high gear and followed along the short-cut… right into the wide open jaws of the shark. Unfortunately, the poor little sea horse was never to be heard from again.

Many people are like the little creature in the morality tale: they’re in a big hurry, but have no clue as to where they’re going, much less how to get there. They are in need of guidance and direction. In other words, they need to let God, not their “fortunes,” be at the center of of their lives. They need to partake of some spiritual nourishment — the very Bread of Life — in order to gain the strength to change.

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