When I was a child, I used to talk like a child ...” (I Cor. 13:11).

A young student was assigned by his English teacher to write a composition on Benjamin Franklin. This is what the student wrote:

Benjamin Franklin was a poor boy. He went to Philadelphia to live. One day he walked down the street, and he saw a pretty girl. She smiled at him, and he smiled at her, and before long, they were married, and he discovered electricity.

(FirstName) and (First Name), may it be one day said of you: “They were readyfor marriage on (Date) when they bothdiscovered electricity.”

May your marriage bring you allthe exquisite excitementsa marriage should bring . . .

. . . May you always needone another, not so much to fill your emptiness, butrather to help you know your fullness.

. . . May you needone another, but not out of weakness.

. . . May you always wantone another, but not out of lack.

. . . May you enticeone…

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