Love ... is always ready to understand and forgive and trust and hope and endure all things”(I Cor. 13:8).

A favorite question for philosophers is “why is there somethingrather than nothing?” Answers abound. One is that a big banglong ago accounts for all that is; the universe is eternal and simply evolved into its present state by chance. Some scientists have even talked about a cosmic soupthat cooled down over billions of years and left us what we call the Universe.

Such theories leave us cold, however, since there seems to be an absence of purpose, a lack of order, and a lack of design. The brute fact of existence is that we are thrown into a Universe that is unfeeling about us. These accounts leave us without a Loving, Creative Artistwho accountsfor all that is and desires to bring all things to maturityin Him.

The Biblical account of creation proclaims that there is somethingrather than nothing because God, the Divine Artist, is Love. And the love that we encounterin this Lover is creative and life-producing.


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