... He had made the water wine” (John 4:46).

In Jesus’ time and place, before a wedding feast began, the bride and groom would walk under a canopy in a torchlight parade through their village. And then, instead of going off alone on a honeymoon, they would have an “open house” for a whole week — parties every night, people coming and going: celebrating.

The wedding feast at Cana was like that. It was a great and glorious celebration. And, in a sense, a family’s reputation would be riding on this event. So all of the family resources would be poured into making it a memorable happening. And, in the Middle East, of course, the feast revolved around the wine: the “nectar of the gods.” Consequently, how utterly humiliating it would be to run out of wine: absolutely unthinkable. The people in the village would never forget the day the wine ran out at the wedding feast.

In the Gospel Story of the “Wedding Feast at Cana,” Jesus is there when the wine runs…

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