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“A threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

At a small-town Church, the newly appointed Pastor discovered a full-length mirror on the closet door in his office. For his first wedding service, he allowed the bride to use his office as her dressing room. To protect her privacy, he posted a sign on the door that read:



The scientific “Second Law of Thermodynamics” states that any closed system left to itself tends toward greater randomness; that is to say, it breaks down. It takes an ordered input of energy to keep anything together.

This is readily seen with a house. Any homeowner knows that to maintain a house, one must daily, monthly, and yearly invest time and energy to keep the house enjoyable to live in. If no energy is expended on the house, it eventually comes to the point of needing a complete overhaul, or else it is knocked down.

The “Second Law of Thermodynamics” seems to describe other systems also. For example, consider the marriage…

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