Prayers for Worship January 2023


January 1, 2023


The Lord is amongst us –

Let our hearts honor Him with a humble silence.

Let our minds honor Him with a clear vision.


Penitential Prayer

Father, we try, but we do not try hard enough.

We pray for the wisdom and strength to do better than before. We must try harder …

to know God,

to trust God,

to love God,

to see God,

to worship God.

to praise God,

to honor God,

to believe God,

to embrace God.

Indeed, we try, but we must try harder.

Father, we seek Your guidance.



Go through the world singing praise!

Go through the world singing truth!

Go through the world singing Hallelujah!



January 8, 2023


As we worship at the threshold of eternal things, the very doorway of heaven,

let us leave behind everything that would make us stumble and enter with expectant joy.


Penitential Prayer

Forgive us, Lord, for doing the right things at the wrong time.

When we should have listened, we talked; and when we should have talked, we were silent.

When we should have helped, we just said words of encouragement; and when we should have just encouraged, we stepped in and did it ourselves.

When we should have been strict, we were lenient; and when we should have been lenient, we were strict.

When we should have been firm, we vacillated; and when we should have been gentle, we were harsh.

When we should have been patient, we hurried; and when we should have been prompt, we were slow.

Forgive us, Lord, for doing the right things at the wrong time.



May the providence of the Father who hovers over you,

the presence of the Son who stands beside you,

and the power of the Spirit who lives within you,

be the strength of your life.



January 15, 2023


In Jesus, our Messiah, God is present among us.

Through Jesus, our Messiah, God assures us that we are never abandoned.

From Jesus, our Messiah, we will learn where we are going.

But, in the Name of Jesus, let us all admit that we need direction.

Speak, Lord, your servants are listening.


Penitential Prayer

Father, we have listened only after deciding in advance what You had to tell us.

We have been guilty of selective tuning, letting in Your message of comfort and security but shutting out Your message of responsibility and commitment.

We have refused to recognize Your voice in the cries of the suffering.

Father, for these sins of omission and commission, we beg Your mercy.



Go forth now …

Full of joy and the Holy Spirit, boldly proclaiming the Good News:

Look! There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!



January 22, 2023


The Light of the Lord will brighten the darkest corners.

Open the doors of your hearts and welcome the Light of Christ.


Penitential Prayer

Let us not dwell on our problems …

Whatever mistakes have been made will be forgiven.

Whatever transgressions have been perpetrated will be forgiven.

Whatever sins have been committed will be forgiven.

Let us ask for the forgiveness of Christ.

Let us pray from the depths of our hearts …

Jesus, we have wronged ourselves as well as others.

Jesus, we are truly sorry for our mistakes, transgressions, and sins.

Christ, forgive us.



Work for peace,

pray for peace,

live for peace.

Christ be with you.



January 29, 2023


Only those who have open hands can receive.

Only those who have open minds can learn.

Only those who have open souls can be filled.


Penitential Prayer

We admit this morning to the sin of pride.

We have difficulty admitting we are wrong.

We find it so hard to say, “I’m sorry.”

We are eager to think of excuses for our mistakes.

We tend to criticize others to make ourselves look better.

We often close our minds to the opinions of others.

We pretend to know when we really don’t.

Forgive us, Lord, and remove our conceit.

Humble us and give us a healthy sense of awe before You.



Speak the truth but do so in love.

Proclaim the faith but do so in humility.

Advocate for what is right but do so in gentleness.

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