Prayers For Worship April 2016

Though we do not touch our Lord’s wounded palms,
we are, nonetheless, the Company of His Believers.
Though we do not place our hands into His side,
we are, nonetheless, in the Place of His Risen Presence.

We are truly blessed,
for though we have not seen,
we have come in faith.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we live in a time of great confusion. Technology advances with frightening speed. But for every problem solved a new one emerges. We long for lost simplicity. We ache for spiritual rejuvenation. We long and we ache, but few of us take any positive action to redeem our times.

Therefore, Father, we confess that
we are often apathetic;
we are often indifferent;
we are often negligent;
we are often detached.

Father, we confess these deficiencies and resolve to
reenergize ourselves; to give witness in the world to
Your healing, reconciling, harmonizing power.

Fear not the darkness
for the Lord is with you always.

Abide not in confusion
for the domain of the Spirit is harmonious.

Go in confidence
for the Risen Christ lights up the way.

The Lord is calling us:

“Come, shepherd My People Israel!

Come, tend My sheep
feed My lambs
watch over My flock!”

Come, answer the Lord’s call
and be a Shepherd for Christ!

Penitential Prayer
“Tend My Sheep!”

Lord, we confess that this simple command is
the most often disregarded.

Too often, our poor become more and more separated from our Society and yet we do less and less to help them.

Too often, our handicapped are set aside as we label them troublesome burdens.

Too often, our elderly become lost in institutions and indifference as we leave them by the wayside.

Too often, our children run loose in a world of confusion and yet we remain indifferent to their plight.

Forgive us, Lord, for not looking after all of Your flock.

Forgive us for being Poor Shepherds!

We do love You, Lord.

We promise to go out and
feed Your lambs
and tend Your sheep.

God summons.
Answer His call.

God commands.
Obey His Will.

Penitential Prayer
Yes, we speak out of turn.

Yes, we listen for praise.

Father, we confess that we misuse, misjudge,
and misdirect our vital energies.

Yes, we detest sin and its evil products, but
we sin against ourselves and others in spite of it all.

Father, please forgive us.

May the love of the Lord be with you.
May the peace of the Lord be with you.
May the comfort of the Lord encircle you.
May the strength of His Power sustain you.

Come, let us worship God.

Let us be awed by His Presence.
Let us be shaped by His standards.
Let us be enlightened by His wisdom.
Let us be mobilized by His Spirit.

Penitential Prayer
We confess, Lord, that we are prone by nature and habit
to make the wrong choices.
We choose independence instead of discipleship.
We choose retaliation instead of reconciliation.
We choose wide roads instead of narrow pathways.
Pardon, O Holy Father, our lack of commitment,
and lead us in the difficult way of a true disciple.

Return from God’s house, remembering that true worship is not just magnifying God in this place.
True worship is to honor Him in the school and home,
to walk His way in the factory and place of business,
and to treat with justice and dignity all His children.

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