Prayers For Worship April 2018

We do not mourn the Christ this day;
We do not attend to His remains;
We do not remember Him in any past sense.

The stone is rolled away;
The death shroud is removed.
Jesus’ body is not here.
The Lord has conquered death.
He is risen as He said.

Our hearts are filled with joy!
Our voices ring out in joy!

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, Father,
for taking the narrow view of life, forgetting about
Your Master Plan for our fulfillment;
for being over-anxious about money and other
material things;
for becoming discouraged by physical and emotional disabilities and embittered by sickness and death;

Forgive us, Father,
for failing to draw courage and hope from Your glorious Easter Message;

for failing to understand that by the Resurrection Power of Your Love, Christ has conquered sin and death — and we are saved!

May the Resurrection Power of the Father’s Love,
the Redemptive Power of the Sons ministry,
and the continuing Healing Power of the Spirit’s presence,
enable you to move through
life’s adversities confidently, joyously.
The Lord has risen! Go in peace!

Open your eyes and see the beauty which
the Lord has made.

Open your heart in praise and thanksgiving.

Prepare yourself to receive God’s wondrous gift of New Life.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Penitential Prayer
So often do we fail to follow
Your saving light;
So often do we neglect to respond
to our neighbors need with Christian
So often do we hesitate, in doubt,
to witness as Christians.
Yet, we turn with confidence to God,
hoping in His compassion.
And so often, so very often
does He forgive us our sins,
and renew His promise to us of eternal

Proceed in peace:
free of hesitation and doubt.

Proceed in peace:
refreshed and strengthened
by the abiding Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Let us witness to everyone we meet,
the sweet and saving love of Jesus Christ.

God showers us with blessings;
He warms us in the sunshine of His Love.

Let us sing His praises and give Him thanks for all He has done for us.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Penitential Prayer
Because we have wasted so many good things we possess,
Lord teach us to be frugal;
Because we have neglected those who need our care and compassion,
Lord move us to be kind and generous.

Have mercy on us, Lord, for our lack of Christian virtue; strengthen our will to mend our ways while there is still time.

By the power of the Father, who brings us from darkness into light,
By the power of the Son, who brings us
from death into life,
By the power of the Holy Spirit, who brings us from doubt into belief, may we
speak sincerely,
witness clearly,
love dearly.

The pulse of every living creature
quickens in the Springtime.

The promise of New Life,
the dream of future harvests,
are deeply rooted in our nature.

Today, let us celebrate
this time of renewal,
this season of New Life,
as we bless the wondrous creativity
of the Lord, our God.

Penitential Prayer
We confess that we have sinned, Lord,
against You and against one another.
Our motives in admitting these faults
are many and complex.
We are relieved to unburden our spirits,
as we seek Your compassion.
But, perhaps we fear the consequences
if we unburden too much;
if we face the faults we fear to name;
if we pretend they do not exist in us.
Understand us, Lord,
however much we complicate our lives.
Help us to grope toward You,
to cope with the tangled webs
of our own making.
And forgive us, Lord,
smile upon us,
and make us whole.

May you walk in God’s Presence with confidence!

May the light of the risen Christ be your guide!

And may the Holy Spirit abide with you
and give you peace.

Of all the words in the English language,
the word love has suffered more than its share.
True love begins with the understanding
that God has loved us first.
Come, let us celebrate love’s beginnings,
in the experience of worship:
for God is Love!

Penitential Prayer
Father, the New Testament Christians urgently
desired to share the Good News of God’s Love
with the world …
— they proclaimed the Gospel;
— they told people about Jesus;
— they responded lovingly to one another’s needs;
— they bore much fruit in the Lord’s vineyard.

Father, forgive us, for the lack of urgency in our
desire to be New Testament Christians.

Jesus has said, “My Father has been glorified in
your fruitbearing discipleship.”

If we are in fact true disciples,
it is because we have learned the great
secret of the Christian life —
to praise and thank God in everything!

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