Prayers for Worship April 2022

April 3, 2022


We are one in the Father,

We are one in the Son,

We are one in the Holy Spirit.

When we work, play, worship and pray,

Let us do these things as one.

Penitential Prayer

Father, we know that the water of baptism purified our

bodies, hearts, souls, and minds, but human error has

allowed us to again tarnish ourselves.

Father, we come before You with the hope of cleansing

ourselves; with the hope that You will reclaim us into

Your heart.

Father, we ask forgiveness for our sins; we ask for

strength to keep us in the purifying Light of Almighty

God’s Love.


Your sins are forgiven,

Your lives are made new,

Your faith is your treasure,

Your light will shine through.


April 10, 2022


Come, let us worship the King —

the King who made His triumphal entry upon a

humble beast of burden;

the King who established His Kingdom upon a cross;

the King who gained His victory in apparent defeat.


Penitential Prayer

As we meditate today on how much it cost You to love the world, we become aware of how superficial our own love is by comparison.

We find that our love is quickly cooled by a cold shoulder or an angry glance.

We are reluctant to commit ourselves, lest we be rejected or hurt.

We find it far easier to love in word than to love in deed.

We are so quick to take offense at an uncomplimentary remark.

We find it so hard to love those who are of another background, another faith, or another social status.

We ask forgiveness in the Name of Him whose love knew none of these limitations, and who accepts us just the way we are.


Leave now,

with a new appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice,

with a new confidence in His Love,

with a new joy in His salvation,

and with a new dedication to His cause.

April 17, 2022


This is a new day!

A day which the Lord has made.

We join our voices

to the choirs of angels and

to the legions of Christian believers,

past and present,

in the ancient salutation:

“Christ is risen, Alleluia!”

Penitential Prayer

For straying from the course

which You have set for us,

Christ have mercy!

For failing to carry our fair share

of the communal burden,

Christ have mercy!

For ignoring the needs

of our pilgrim brothers and sisters,

Christ have mercy!

Show us Your mercy, Lord,

for, despite our weaknesses,

we love You,

and we earnestly wish

to reunite ourselves to You.


Go forth in peace.

Keep unspoiled

the white garment of salvation,

and let your voices

praise the glory of God.


April 24, 2022


Though unlike doubting Thomas,

we do not touch our Lord’s wounded palms,

We are, nonetheless, the Company of His Believers.

Though unlike doubting Thomas we do not place

our hands into His side,

We are, nonetheless, in the Place of His Risen Presence.

We are truly blessed,

for though we have not seen,

we have come in faith.

Penitential Prayer

Father, we live in a time of great confusion.

Technology advances with frightening speed.

But for every problem solved, a new one emerges.

We long for lost simplicity.

We ache for spiritual rejuvenation.

We long and we ache,

but few of us take any positive action

to redeem our times.

Therefore, Father,

we confess that we are often apathetic;

we are often indifferent;

we are often negligent;

we are often detached.

Father, we confess these deficiencies and resolve to reenergize ourselves; to give witness in the world to Your healing, reconciling, harmonizing power.


Fear not the darkness

for the Lord is with you always.

Abide not in confusion

for the domain of the Spirit is harmonious.

Go in confidence

for the Risen Christ lights up the way.

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