Prayers for Worship August 2009

We are God’s Workers;
like Joseph the carpenter
like Luke the physician
like Peter the fisherman
like Mary the homemaker.

God’s workers do many different things,
but always in the same spirit of loving obedience.

Penitential Prayer
Heavenly Father, Jesus has said …
“Love one another
Such as My love has been for you,
so must your love be for each other.
This is how all will know you for My disciples:
your love for one another.”

Heavenly Father,
for pretending that it is possible to love You
and, at the same time have something against
our brother,
we ask forgiveness;

for pretending that it is possible to love You
deeply and, at the same time have only a
shallow love for one another,
we ask forgiveness.

for pretending that it requires only an hour or
so on Sunday to do Your work,
we ask forgiveness.

Heavenly Father,
we confess that we have not been regarding the
job You have given us to do as the work of
a lifetime.

Heavenly Father, we ask forgiveness!

We are God’s Workers:
like Joseph the carpenter
like Luke the physician
like Peter the fisherman
like Mary the homemaker.

Therefore, let us hasten from this place to
continue Gods’s work.
There is no time to lose!

I am the Way — follow Me.
I am the Bread — partake of Me.
I am the Truth — believe in Me.
I am the Light and the Life — become a part of Me.

Penitential Prayer
Father, Your Son has invited us to eat the Bread
of Life, but instead we are bloated from our
own spiritual junk-food.

We feed upon advertisements which promise good
living but not necessarily good life.
We feed upon the psychology of “do it if it feels good,”
even if it isn’t good.
We allow our children to feed upon a daily diet of
mindless TV violence.

Father, forgive us,
for eating garbage
and turning down the true Bread of Life.

May the Truth of the Father,
the Way of the Son,
and the Light of the Spirit,
be with you now and always.

May you feed on the true Bread of Life,
now and always.

We have come together, in God’s House,
in search of New Life that has
real meaning
true value
genuine fulfillment.

Here, in God’s House, we will discover
His New Life.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, to genuinely experience Your New Life,
we must change, radically. We have Your Word
for that. But we resist change because
it threatens our security
it deflates our ego
it challenges our spiritless religiosity
it demands a new value system.

Forgive us, Lord, for holding fast to
for holding back from things-as-they-ought-to-be.

God brings
life where there has been death
health where there has been sickness
joy where there has been sadness
freedom where there has been bondage.

God is always acting in this way.
Salvation is upon you now!
Go in peace.

Gather round, People of God,
and listen to the Lord and His Words of
justice and mercy
sacrifice and joy
responsibility and freedom
spirit and life.

Gather round, and take heed!

Penitential Prayer
Lord, You tell us, “Humble yourself before all others,”
but we are too obsessed with our own importance
to understand.

You tell us, “Whoever strikes you, turn to him the
other cheek,”
but we are so intent on keeping our guard up
that Your Words go right by us.
You tell us, “Sell everything you have and donate
it to the poor,”
but we are too busy applying fro credit cards
to take much notice.
You tell us, “In everything you do, keep in mind
the Father,”
but the only time we can afford Him is an
hour or two on Sunday morning.

Lord, You tell us,
but we ignore Your saving Word.

Lord, forgive us for our arrogance.

May the Father’s Power and Might,
the Son’s Love and Mercy,
and the Spirit;s Wisdom and Strength
inspire us to carry out our Christian
responsibilities, to partake now of the Kingdom’s
rewards and to share them with others.

God is present to us now. There is
no evil situation,
no illness,
no broken relationship,
no feeling of despair,
no catastrophe
which escapes God’s compassionate notice.
Come, draw near, and allow the healing power
of God to take over in your life!

Penitential Prayer
Father, we are honorable persons.

We sing praises to Your Name — one day a week,
one hour a day:
for we are honorable persons.
We follow Your Commandments and abide by the
Scripture — when it is reasonable to do so:
for we are honorable persons.
We are quick to forgive and show mercy to others —
once we receive an apology:
for we are honorable persons.
We struggle to stamp out poverty and end all hunger —
by setting up committees to study these problems:
for we are honorable persons.
We support many charities with much of our money —
when it is tax deductible:
for we are honorable persons.

Forgive us, Father,
for heaping honor on ourselves
and not upon You.

O Lord, may our
songs of joy
prayers of praise
words of exaltation
and deeds of love
break out from our innermost being,
and give You all honor and glory.

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