Prayers for Worship August 2022

August 7, 2022
We turn toward God,

We listen to His Word,

We bow before His Majesty,

We strive to do His Will,

We thank Him for His gifts


We worship Him!

Penitential Prayer
For our lack of hope in God’s promise …

turning toward self instead of turning toward God

listening to the world instead of listening to God

bowing before the glitter of material things instead of bowing before the majesty of God

striving to do the will of the devil instead of striving

to do the Will of God

we earnestly beg God’s mercy and we humbly thank God for still another chance.

We go into the world as faithful servants of the Lord who have willingly accepted the gift of hope in the unforeseen.

Let us try to convince our brothers and sisters everywhere that they can expect the unexpected, from a God who keeps His promises.

August 14, 2022


let us view this day as a day of victory,

for on a Sunday morning

Christ defeated satan, sin, and death.


let us view this day of celebration

for we who are Christ’s

share the triumph with Him.

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, God, when our lives have failed to reflect the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ;

when we have sorrowed as those who have no hope;

when we have considered the forces of evil to be too powerful to fight;

when we have viewed our religious practices as a bondage rather than a liberation;

when we have seen our difficulties as obstacles rather than as opportunities;

when we have just wrung our hands in despair instead of working things through.

Rejoice in hope.

Live life to the fullest.

Aspire to the highest.

Anticipate the best.

August 21, 2022

Blessed are the meek.

Blessed are the lowly who get their strength from

putting God first.

Blessed are the humble who gather together

in Jesus’ Name.

Let us stand back …

and make room for God.

Penitential Prayer
We confess our need Lord,

to replace our spirit of mutual exploitation

with Your Spirit of mutual service:

to strip our souls bare so that we may see

our arrogant selves as we really are;

to stand in our uncomfortable desert,

self-accused of sin;

to embrace the spirit of humility,

other-centeredness and brotherhood.

Lord, we confess, as sinners, our need to renew and enrich our lives in this way and by Your Grace.

Blessed are they who go out into the world in complete

humility.  God has entrusted His ministry to the lowly

people, who cannot be intimidated by the world to do other than His Will.

August 28, 2022
The Old Testament writer has proclaimed:

There is no cure for the proud man’s malady,

since an evil growth has taken root in him.

The heart of a sensible man will reflect on

parables, an attentive ear is the sage’s dream.

Let us give an attentive ear and open heart to our Sage of Sages who speaks to us today of pride — and humility.

Penitential Prayer
For our easy acceptance of “the way things are” in a

world of “winners” and “losers,” forgive us Lord.

For our devotion to life not as a love but as a competition, forgive us Lord.

For our stubborn refusal to uproot “the proud man’s

malady” from our souls, forgive us Lord.

Let us make our way now to the lowest place.  Let us  make the needs and the concerns of others our number one priority.

Let us prove to one another and to the  world the truth of these words …

life is a love and not a competition.

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