Prayers for Worship December 2021

December 5, 2021


“The Son of Man comes in power and glory …

Our deliverance is at hand!”

God does not do things “half-way.”

God does not withdraw His promise of fulfillment.

God has begun a good work in us,

and He will finish it in the Day of

the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Come, let us celebrate: our deliverance is at hand!

Penitential Prayer

“Make ready the way of the Lord, make straight His paths”

The Christmas Message is not meant to take

us out of this world, it is meant to equip us

better for life in this world.

The Christmas Message does not offer us

immunity from problems, it offers us a

way to deal with our problems.

The Christmas Message is not an excuse for

abandoning the world, it is the reason for

desire to win the world.

The Christmas Message is not a pious legend

with a moral attached, it is a miracle of Faith.

Forgive us, Lord, for not getting the Message!


Go now, and make the crooked ways straight and the

rough ways smooth so that mankind may see the

salvation of God.

Go, therefore, and witness to your belief in the

Christmas Miracle of Love.

December 12, 2021


Baptism is more than a one-time ceremony of

crying children

smiling parents

and pouring water.

Come and celebrate your life commitment to God

as a Baptism People!

Penitential Prayer

Father, we confess we have broken our baptismal

vows to You.

We have failed to challenge Satan’s poverty, offering

instead excuses for our inaction.

We have actively contributed to Satan’s loneliness when

too often we exile the elderly denying their true humanity.

Father, we are sorry we have let Satan run rampant

in our world.

Forgive us for treating Baptism as only a

one-time commitment.


We came to hear the Lord’s Good News

and reaffirm our baptismal vows in Him Name.

We go now with His Words on our lips

and His Name in our hearts.

December 19, 2021


We assemble as a community at prayer

to test the truth of our involvement in mankind,

to embrace the spirit of repentance,

to renew our awareness of who we are,

to consider with new earnestness what we ought to do

all in the light of the Christmas Message of

peace and brotherhood

Penitential Prayer

For our lack of hope in Your Christmas Promise,

Father, forgive us.

For our lack of trust that Your Word will be fulfilled

For our divisions

For our jealousies

For our hatred

For our lies

For not being peacemakers

For not being brothers and sisters to one another

Lord, have mercy!


Let us go forth in peace

Let us go forth in confidence

that the Lord is with us

until all things are fulfilled,

in Jesus Christ,


December 25, 2021


“Arise Jerusalem, and shine like the sun;

The glory of the Lord is shining on you!”

This is a day of great glory,

for Jesus our Lord has been born!

May we,



and reflect the Light of the Lord!

Penitential Prayer

“The light shines on in darkness,

a darkness that did not overcome it.”

Lord, we confess we often hide our Christian Light.

In the dark times of war,

we do not light the way of peace.

In the pitch blackness of poverty,

we do not show the light of charity.

In the shadows of prejudice,

we do not shine the light of brotherhood.

In the grey areas of society’s laws,

we do not light the flame of Christian morality.

In the colorless void of social indifference,

we do not hold up the candle of Christian


We are sorry, Lord,

that the light in our soul burns so dimly.

We are ashamed of our sputtering flame,

in the presence of Your brilliance.


“The people who walked in darkness

have seen a great light.

They lived in a land of shadows

but now light is shining on them”


Go now on this day of great glory

and proclaim the birth of our Lord,

for He is the Light of the World!



December 26, 2021


Blessed are You, Father, in the dreams

and in the dreamers.

Blessed are you in Moses

who dreamed a land of milk and honey.

Blessed are You in John the Baptist

who dreamed a world where people did not

hurt each other.

Blessed are You in Mary, the mother of Jesus,

who taught her Child the dreams of His people.

Blessed are You in Your Son, Jesus,

who dreamed a Kingdom that was like a family feast,

where all the members shared and all were free

and in love.


Penitential Prayer

Lord, every day You give us a new opportunity to grow in Your wisdom and grace through a ministry of service and, day-after-day, we reject it.  Day-after-day we turn down one more chance to work Your miracle of Love.


Forgive us, Father, for making light of Your

sacred wisdom and grace;

Forgive us, Father, for treating with disrespect

persons made in Your image;

Forgive us, Father, for shrugging off dreams of

a world where people do not hurt each other;

Forgive us, Father, for giving up on the dream of a

Kingdom that is like a family feast, where all

members share, and all are free in love.


May you proceed from the Father’s house

as did Jesus, “progressing steadily

in wisdom and grace,

before God and men.”


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