Prayers For Worship February 2010

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 7, 2010
Jesus calls, and we come …

to feed the mind with the truth of God,
to turn the will to the purpose of God,
to open the heart to the love of God.

Come, let us follow Jesus to new life,
in the fellowship of the Kingdom of God.

Penitential Prayer
Lord Jesus,
for our lack of faith in the power of Your leadership,
for our lack of trust in Your Supreme Wisdom,
for our lack of hope in Your Blessed Promises,
for our lack of resolve in carrying out Your
Sacred Purposes,
for our lack of conviction in proclaiming Your
Gospel of Love …

For our lack of zeal in becoming fishers of men,
forgive us, Lord, for these and all our sins.

You who now have seen more closely
heard more clearly
understood more fully
honored more faithfully
go now and love more completely.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 14, 2010
Happy is the person
whose way is the Lord’s,
whose truth is the Lord’s,
and whose life is the Lord’s.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we know that many times in this past week and even in this past hour we have sinned against You.
We have done those things that we knew were wrong, and we have failed to do those things that we knew were right.
Sometimes we have hurt other people, and at other times we have simply failed to help them.
Sometimes we have taken that which was not ours, and at other times we have failed to share what is ours.
For both the sins of commission and the sins of omission, Father, forgive us.
May you be
pure in thought,
courageous in deed,
steadfast in loyalty,
and warm in affection.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 21, 2010
On this, the first Sunday of Lent,
let us turn our eyes toward Jerusalem.
Let us remember what Christ suffered for us there —
his abuse, his agony and his death.
And having been once again reminded
that his great sacrifice was for us,
Let us place our full faith in Him,
believing, trusting and obeying.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we confess that we so very much need this
eason of remembrance and contrition.
We so quickly forget the price paid for our salvation.
We so conveniently dismiss from our minds the agony
and the sorrow.
We so nonchalantly take for granted the blessings
which are ours in Christ.
We so naturely get carried away with our getting and
pending that we forget about spiritual things.
We so easily allow our inner nature to become
weak and flabby.
We so foolishly allow ourselves to give in to the
temptations we encounter.
So now we ask not only that you will forgive us for
these failings, we also ask that during this Lenten season
You will be at work in our lives, using the remembrance
of our Lord’s suffering to bring about a new commitment of our total selves.

As you take this year’s journey to the cross,
may the Lord Jesus be your inspiration,
may the Holy Spirit be your strength,
and may the Scriptures be your guide.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 28, 2010
Let us come into the presence of the Almighty,
to be bathed in His love,
to catch a glimpse of His splendor,
and to find our place in His plan.

Penitential Prayer
If we have been lazy in our faith,
Lord, forgive us.
If we have been satisfied to drift along, year after
year, without noticeable improvement,
Lord, forgive us.
If we have made no special effort to seek a new and fresh
experience of Jesus Christ,
Lord, forgive us.
If we have been content only to go through the motions of going to church, attending meetings and saying prayers,
Lord, forgive us.
If we have kept our faith in a compartment separated from the rest of life,
Lord, forgive us.
If we have in any way resisted the transforming power
of an experience with God,
Lord, forgive us.

Having been with Christ on the mountain,
sharing His glory;
let us now walk with Christ on the road,

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