Prayers for Worship February 2013

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 3, 2013
Come, let us seek the Lord Jesus.
Let us follow His steps;
Let us receive His Spirit;
Let us hear His Voice
as He reveals the will of the Father.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we admit that we sometimes are too willing and ready to listen to the false prophets of our age.

We may have grasped, in desperation, some strange sectarian teaching.

We may have been duped by the hysterical voices of the prophets of doom.

We may have believed those who put fear in our hearts, and doubt in our souls.

For the sin of sometimes being too willing and ready to listen to the false prophets of our age, Father, forgive us.

Go from this place of worship
with joy in your spirit,
with love in your heart,
with a spring in your feet,
with a song on your lips.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 10, 2013
Jesus calls, and we come …
to feed the mind with the truth of God,
to turn the will to the purpose of God,
to open the heart to the love of God.

Come, let us follow Jesus to new life, in the
fellowship of the Kingdom of God.

Penitential Prayer
Lord Jesus,
for our lack of trust in Your Supreme Wisdom,
for our lack of hope in Your Blessed Promises,
for our lack of resolve in carrying out Your Sacred Purposes,
For our lack of conviction in proclaiming Your Gospel of Love,

For our lack of zeal in becoming fishers of men, forgive us, Lord, for these and all our sins.

You who now have seen more clearly

heard more clearly
understood more fully
honored more faithfully

Go now and love more completely.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 17, 2013
Coming to Church today was not easy for all of us.
Some of us would rather

Be sleeping
Or reading the paper
Or watching the ball game.

But we are here — so rejoice!

We have rejected the call of temptation,
and have answered the call of the Lord.

Penitential Prayer
” … and lead us not into temptation.”

Lord, we have recited Your prayer hundreds of times, and all the while we lead ourselves into temptation.

We listen to how we can
cheat on our tax return
fleece our insurance company
swing a savvy and shady business deal.

We let ourselves think, “It’s okay …
nobody will get hurt
nobody will know the difference
everybody else does it.”
We listen to temptation, and convince ourselves to sin.

Forgive us, Lord, for our sinful susceptibility.

We go from this House of Sanctuary to a world of temptation.

Go with the Lord’s Faith
and you shall not be tempted.

Go with the Lord’s Strength
and you shall not succumb.

Go with the Lord’s Love
and you shall be triumphant!

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 24, 2013
We come to hear the Word of the Lord.

There is a time for
and speaking
and acting — but not now!

This is the time for listening.
Listen, now, to the Word of the Lord!

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we confess that we sometimes listen to You in this House on Sunday, and ignore You the rest of the week.

You tell us, “Blessed are the peacemakers” but we are at war in our homes, our schools, and our jobs.

You tell us, “Blessed are the meek” but we are busy climbing the social ladder of success.

You tell us, “I am the Bread of Life” but we hunger for more money, better homes and nicer cars.

You tell us, “Follow Me” but we follow the path of least resistance and greatest profit.

Forgive us for listening piously on Sunday and working selfishly the rest of the week.

Lord, forgive us for making You into a Sunday God.

We have listened to the Word of the Lord.

Go now, and

Believe in His goodness with your hearts

Speak of His greatness with your tongues

Act with His guidance in your lives.

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