Prayers for Worship February 2022

February 6, 2022

The Light of the Lord will brighten the darkest corners.


Open the doors of your hearts

and welcome the Light of Christ.

Penitential Prayer

Let us not dwell on our problems —

Whatever mistakes have been made

will be forgiven.

Whatever transgressions have been perpetrated

will be forgiven.

Whatever sins have been committed

will be forgiven.

Let us ask for the forgiveness of Christ.

Let us pray from the depths of our hearts —

Jesus, we have wronged ourselves as well as others.

Jesus, we are truly sorry for our mistakes, transgressions, and sins.

Christ forgive us.


Work for peace,

pray for peace,

live for peace.

Christ be with you.

February 13, 2022


Only those who have open hands can receive.

Only those who have open minds can learn.

Only those who have open souls can be filled.

Penitential Prayer

We admit this morning to the sin of pride

We have difficulty in admitting we are wrong.

We find it so hard to say, I’m sorry.

We are eager to think of excuses for our mistakes.

We tend to criticize others to make ourselves look better.

We often close our minds to the opinions of others.

We pretend to know when we really don’t.

Forgive us, Lord, and remove our conceit.

Humble us and give us a healthy sense of awe before You.


Speak the truth,

but do so in love.

Proclaim the faith,

but do so in humility.

Contend for the right,

but do so in gentleness.

February 20, 2022


Come, let us seek the Lord Jesus.

Let us follow His steps.

Let us receive His Spirit.

Let us hear His Voice

as He reveals the Will of the Father.

Penitential Prayer

Lord, we admit that we sometimes are too willing and ready to listen to the false prophets of our age.

We may have grasped, in desperation, some strange sectarian teaching.

We may have been duped by the hysterical voices of the prophets of doom.

We may have believed those who have said, “Peace, peace,” when there is no peace.

For the sin of sometimes being too willing and ready to listen to the false prophets of our age, Father, forgive us.


Go from this place of worship

with joy in your spirit,

with love in your heart,

with a spring in your feet,

with a song on your lips.

February 27, 2022


In His sacred Presence

the storm of the world is calmed.

In His Presence

even the mountains tremble.

Come, let us worship the Master —

Let us praise the Lord for His sacred Presence,

in all things.

Penitential Prayer

Father, there is not one among us

who will not admit his shame,

For into this house, Your Holy Temple,

we bring our anxious worry,

our greed,

our fears,

our egotistical preoccupations,

our prejudices,

our anger,

and our weakness.

Father, there is not one among us

who will not admit his shame?

and pray for Your forgiveness.


Every breath is a miracle,

every heartbeat is a mystery.

Every entity of the universe

is generated and sustained

by the Will of Almighty God.

Worry no more.

Abide in the word of The One True Lord.

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