Prayers for Worship January 2013

This is the first day of the new year,
the first day of the rest of your life.
It is fitting, then, that we begin it
in the Lord’s presence,
For He is the First Cause of all things
and the first fruits of the resurrection.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, hear our prayer for the new year as we confess our weakness and seek Your strength,
Instead of feeling unwanted,
may we know that You love us unconditionally.
Instead of being weak,
may we feel the throb of Divine power with us.
Instead of being ineffective,
may we know we can participate in Your victories.
Instead of felling worthless,
may we realize that You have a purpose for us.
Instead of feeling fearful,
may we experience Your powerful Divine
Instead of feeling undirected,
may we accept the guidance of Your Spirit.
Instead of being undisciplined,
may we follow Your prescriptions for a well-ordered life.

Look not backward, lest you become fearful.
Look not sideways, lest you be tempted.
Look not downward, lest you become
Look only upward, from which comes your help, and forward, to the road which leads both to duty and to glory.

As we worship at the threshold of eternal things,
the very doorway of heaven,
let us leave behind everything that would make us stumble,
and enter with expectant joy.

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, Lord, for doing the right things at the wrong time.
When we should have listened, we talked; and when we should have talked, we were silent.
When we should have helped, we just said words of encouragement.
When we should have been strict, we were lenient; and when we should have been lenient, we were strict.
When we should have been gentle, we were harsh.
When we should have been patient, we rushed; and when we should have been prompt, we were late.
Forgive us, Lord, for doing the right things at the wrong time.

May the providence of the Father who hovers over you, the presence of the Son who stands beside you, and the power of the Spirit who lives within you, be the strength of your life.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP January 13, 2013
Give glory to the Father,
give thanks to the Son,
rejoice with the Spirit,
for the three are one.
Let us pray to the Father,
let us walk with the Son,
let us sing with the Spirit,
for the three are one.

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, Father, when we have failed to live
up to our full potential:
— when we have been content with “C”s” when we could have earned “B’s”;
— when we did our work the easiest way
instead of the best way;
— when we have been content to watch hours of mindless television programs when we could have been reading a good book;
— when we have allowed small obstacles to turn us away from our goals;
— when we have allowed failures to discourage us from trying again;
— when we have allowed our bodies to become flabby and weak;
— when we have allowed our minds to become lazy and dull;
— when we have not sought the best gifts
of the Spirit.

For that which is good,
may you be thankful.
For that which is wrong,
may you be repentant.
For that which is incomplete,
may you be concerned.
For that which is right,
may you be dedicated.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP January 20, 2013
We have come to the Feast, as the Lord’s obedient servants …
to do whatever He tells us.

As the Lord’s obedient servants …
we shall taste of His new wine,
saying, “Yes, Lord, this flavor is
for sharing. Yes, Lord, we will
pour out this miracle of Grace
to all the guests.”

Penitential Prayer
In the Book of Isaiah it is written:
The wine is sour.
There are no more village fairs.
There is no more music.
The merriest are groaning.
The clarinets are stowed away.
The sound of rejoicing has faded.

Lord, Your faithful stewards may not allow themselves to put on this ancient mantle of despair. Yet, there are times when we act as though Your Word has soured, as though we no longer have cause to celebrate Your promise of fulfillment in peace and brotherhood.

Lord, forgive us our infidelities, so that we may begin again to delight in the flavor of Your new wine.

Jesus said,
On entering any house
say, “Peace to this house!”
Go, therefore, proclaiming the Peace of Christ
on entering your own house,
and your neighbor’s house as well.

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP January 27, 2013
Since we are the Lord’s followers,
it is fitting that we should be here today —
singing His songs,
seeking His guidance,
supporting His cause,
being friends with His people,
and hearing His Word.

Penitential Prayer
We confess that we have sometimes rebelled
against the idea of a divine law.
We have preferred to make up our own rules
along the way.
We have adopted the standards of our society.
We have regarded our own convictions as infallible.
We have, in various ways, rebelled against
the idea of divine law.
For this, Lord, forgive us,
And turn us again to follow Your perfect Will.

You have heard God’s Word.
You have believed God’s Word.
Now become God’s Word.

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