Prayers For Worship June 2015

Come and celebrate the miracle of Christ’s body and blood!

Renounce sin!
Reject negativity!
Abolish evil!

Do these things in preparation for the miracle!

Remember that your actions are outward signs of your faith in the Bread of Life!

Act justly!
Act peacefully!
Act lovingly!

Penitential Prayer
Father, Your Son has invited us to eat the Bread of Life, but instead we are bloated from our own spiritual junk-food.

We feed upon advertisements which promise good
living but not necessarily good life.

We feed upon the psychology of “do it if it feels
good,” even if it isn’t good.

We allow our children to feed upon a daily diet of
mindless TV violence.

Father, forgive us,
for eating garbage
and turning down the True Bread of Life.

May the Truth of the Father,
the way of the Son,
and the light of the Spirit
be with you always.

May you feed on the True Bread of Life,
now and always.

Life and death are two aspects of one great miracle.
We recognize these things as miracles because they are the way of Almighty God.

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, Father if we work non-stop
at achieving greatness, but work very little
at serving others;

– if we flatter our superiors, but show the
least respect for those with menial jobs;

– if we gather glory in our names, but ignore
the glory of God;

– if we spend our money on novelties, but do not make the smallest contributions to charities;

– if we save the best jobs for ourselves,
but complicate the work of others;

In short, Father, forgive us if we spend our energy in false and vain pursuits.

Having acknowledged the miracle of life and death,
return to your families, jobs, and homes assured that the world turns in harmony with God’s Will.

Jesus has risen,
thanks be to God.

Christ is living,
thanks be to God.

Peace will prevail,
thanks be to God.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, the Biblical stories of the woman with an issue of blood, and of the critically ill daughter of Jairus, remind us of how weak our faith often is.

We have said, “it’s hopeless” much more easily than we have said, “With God all things are possible.”

We have allowed human faithlessness to cast doubt on Your Divine faithfulness.

Restore to us, O Lord, a belief in miracles and a willingness to expect marvelous surprises from Your hand.

Return home in peace.

The love of the Lord is with you, Amen.

This is a day of miracles:
a miracle pleases,
a miracle delights,
a miracle makes us smile or laugh for sheer joy that it came to pass.

This is a day of miracles.
Penitential Prayer
We are sleeping Christians, Lord:

–we can hardly stifle our yawns when we are told to praise Your Name.

–we can hardly hide our weariness when we are told to love our fellow beings.

–we can hardly keep our eyes open when we are told to give generously of our time and money.

–we can hardly stay awake when we are told to forgive all others as You forgive us.

Forgive us, Lord, for our sleeping Christianity.

Today is a day of miracles,
for Jesus shares His Presence with each of us.

Tomorrow will be a day of miracles,
for we shall share His Presence with others.

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