Prayers for Worship June 2022

June 5, 2022


Though we do not touch our Lord’s wounded palms,

We are, nonetheless, the Company of His Believers.

Though we do not place our hands into His side,

we are, nonetheless, in the Place of His Risen Presence.

We are truly blessed,

for though we have not seen,

we have come in faith.

Penitential Prayer

Father, we live in a time of great confusion. Technology advances with frightening speed. But for every problem solved, a new one emerges. We long for lost simplicity. We ache for spiritual rejuvenation. We long and we ache, but few of us take any positive action to redeem our times.

Therefore, Father,

We confess that we are often apathetic;

we are often indifferent;

we are often negligent;

we are often detached.

Father, we confess these deficiencies and resolve to reenergize ourselves; to give witness to the world to Your healing, reconciling, harmonizing power.


Fear not the darkness

for the Lord is with you always.

Abide not in confusion

for the domain of the Spirit is harmonious.

Go in confidence

for the Risen Christ lights up the way.

June 12, 2022


Let us rejoice, for

these gifts we are making

will spread the Teachings of Christ;

these gifts we are making

will further the Cause of Christ;

these gifts we are making

will proclaim the Peace of Christ;

these gifts we are making

will reveal the Love of Christ.

Let us rejoice in these gifts!

Penitential Prayer


there are persons among us who desperately need to know

there is a way out of the deepest pit of human

degradation and despair.

there are persons among us who desperately need to put

their trust in someone who can show them the way.

The question is, “Why do we hesitate to lead them out of the pit of despair and show them the way to New Life?”

For our reluctance to gift them with new hope by sharing with them Your gift of New Life,

Father, we beg Your forgiveness.


Go now, in the hope that there will be a time this coming week when, in word and deed, your lifestyle convinces someone else that a Gracious God is in control!

June 19, 2022


We gather here in this House of Healing.

All of you who are

paralyzed by grief

crippled by self-doubt

blinded by prejudice,

made deaf by insensitivity,

Come and be touched by the Lord.

Penitential Prayer

Father, forgive us for ignoring the outstretched

hand of a brother and sister in need.

For condemning instead of offering the healing

hand of fellowship;

For not listening instead of offering the healing

hand of understanding;

For back-biting instead of offering the healing

hand of forgiveness;

For gossiping instead of offering the healing

hand of prayer.

Lord, have mercy! Lord, have mercy on us sinners!


Go in the certain knowledge that there is

no evil situation,

no illness,

no broken relationship,

no feeling of despair,

no catastrophe

which escapes God’s compassionate notice.

Go forth, and allow the healing power

of God to take over in your life!

June 26, 2022


Happy are the followers of Christ

who have come together in the Spirit

of immediacy,

of urgency,

of deep commitment

to the Teaching of the Master.

Penitential Prayer

For our hesitation in the business of Christian living:

our lack of immediacy,

our lack of urgency,

our lack of deep commitment,

we ask Your merciful forgiveness, Lord!


For the committed Christian there is no tomorrow; no

next week; no time for hesitation.

For the committed Christian, the Revolution of heart and

mind and soul is now.

Let us go, now, in the spirit of deepest commitment to

Jesus’ Revolution of Love.

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