Prayers for Worship June 2023

Prayers for Worship

June 4, 2023
The Father summons, and promises always …
a Kingdom to come
a Kingdom of truth
a Kingdom of Love.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we confess the inadequacy of our love …
Scripture tells us You so loved the world
that You sent Your only Son,
not to condemn
but to save!

Father, truly Your love is vast.
But mankind’s love is frequently preempted,
by thoughtless condemnations,
by revengeful acts,
by hateful exploitations. Father, forgive us!

Go out into the world in love:
hold fast to what is good,
return no evil for evil,
strengthen the weak,
support the poor,
honor all your brothers and sisters.

Go out into the world in love and live as men and women in Christ.

June 11, 2023
He who is hungry, let him come,
For Jesus is the Bread which gives us life.

He who is thirsty, let him come,
For Jesus is the wine which lifts the spirit.

Penitential Prayer
Lord Jesus, we are really unworthy to be guests at Your love feast.
We have sometimes disobeyed Your clearly-stated Will.
We have sometimes come reluctantly, because we think there are more important things to do.
We have sometimes quarreled with the other guests.
We have sometimes been neglectful about inviting others to the celebration.
Nevertheless, in Your Mercy, You have invited us to come!

Having been fed,
depart to share.
Having been inspired,
depart to encourage.
Having remembered,
depart to tell.

June 18, 2023
The Lord is gathering the wheat into His barn. Come to the harvest! The Lord is blessing those who have seeing eyes and hearing ears and understanding hearts. Come … you are the harvest!

Penitential Prayer
Lord Jesus, Your parables are intended for us as hard lessons in living. Yet, we have grown accustomed to regarding them as quaint little stories, or regarding them not at all. For the times we have misused the Scriptures in this way, we ask forgiveness.

Live by the Gospel
in all you think,
in all you say,
in all you do.
Do this in Jesus’ Name.

June 25, 2023
Keep your head erect,
your hopes high,
your hearts light,
and your spirits soaring!

Every hair on your head has been counted.
The God of Love will not abandon you.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we confess that often we become intimidated by events in the political, social, and economic areas of our society. We confess that we have not been …
keeping our heads erect,
keeping our hopes high,
keeping our hearts light,
and keeping our spirits soaring.

We confess that we often are frightened into conformity, even opting for violence as an acceptable means of resolving tensions between individuals and between nations.

Forgive us, Father, for turning away from Jesus’ promise …that Your Kingdom is coming.

Jesus assures us, “every hair of your head has been counted So there is no need to be afraid.”

Through every trial and tribulation God is with us. God cares. God is merciful!


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