Prayers For Worship March 2019

We have gathered together to accept responsibility to be a “light to the nations” and, thereby, to make a difference in the world.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, for those times when we find it easier to cry “Vengeance!” than to pray for our enemy,

Lord, for those times when we find it more
palatable to take sweet revenge than to return
evil with good,

Lord, for those times when we are more willing
to rely on the laws of men than on the laws of God,
We humbly ask for Your blessed forgiveness!

Go now and make a difference, in the sure and
certain knowledge that love is the sweetest thing!

Coming to Church today was not easy for some.
Some would rather
be sleeping
or reading the paper
or watching the ball game.

But we are here — so rejoice!

We have rejected the call of temptation,
and have answered the call of the Lord.

Penitential Prayer
” … and lead us not into temptation.”

Lord, we have recited Your prayer hundreds of times, and all the while we lead ourselves into temptation.

Like Eve in the Garden, we listen to temptation and convince ourselves to sin.

Forgive us, Lord, for our tendencies
to make things easy for the Devil.

We go from this House of Sanctuary
to a world of temptation.

Go with the Lord’s Faith
and you shall not be tempted.

Go with the Lord’s Strength
and you shall not succumb.

Go with the Lord’s Love
and you shall be triumphant!

The Lord is near —
listen for His message;
watch for His sign.

The Lord is near —
feel His Presence;
taste His sweetness.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we often busy ourselves with
worldly pursuits,
worldly pleasures,
worldly gratifications,
and worldly interests.

Now, Father, we pray that we will turn ourselves
to heavenly pursuits,
heavenly pleasures,
heavenly gratifications,
and heavenly interests.

Father, we know that our time in this world is short, but our time in heaven will be infinite; therefore, we pray that our interests and energies will be directed toward our ultimate fulfillment in God’s life.

Look for the Lord in our children.
Their freshness and innocence are
at the heart of Christ’s message.

Let us proclaim the fruits of true faith:
Death will be conquered,
Violations will be forgiven,
Misery will be subdued.

Penitential Prayer
The sins of one person are the sins of all people —
Let us bury our irresponsibility.
Let us bury our uninvolvement.
Let us bury our self-righteousness;
Let us bury our narrow opinions;
Let us bury our pretentious manners;
Let us bury our ill wishes;
Let us bury our awkward excuses;
Let us bury our shallow pursuits;
Let us bury the seeds of love, and water the flower of our hope.

Having heard the way,
walk in the Way;

Having walked in the way,
run in the Way;

Having run in the way,
fly in the Way.

Hear — Walk — Run — Fly

The limits of the Lord are boundless.

Come unto the House of the Lord —

You who are lost
will be sheltered;

You who are fallen
will be lifted;
You who are pained
will be relieved;

You who are harassed
will be comforted.

Penitential Prayer
If we could sin no more, Father, we would do so;
But we are mere mortals, and we fall repeatedly
into the traps of sin.

Father, forgive us if we
have been trapped by selfishness;
have bee trapped by lust;
have been trapped by greed;
have been trapped by anger;
have been trapped by ignorance;
have been trapped by hate;
have been trapped by violence;
have been trapped by superficiality;
have been trapped by pride.

For Father, we pray that You will spring these traps
and free us for Your life of Grace.

Every second
of every hour
of every day

God dwells within us.
Keep His Temple clean.
Peace be with you.

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