Prayers For Worship May 2018

“This is My commandment,” Jesus said,
“Love one another as I have loved you.”

Do we care about all others? Do we really care?

We have come together, in Jesus’ Name, to give our answer!

Penitential Prayer
Lord, so often we are wanting in the Christian lifestyle.

Do we fail to bless Your Name when we arise?

Do we express appreciation for our food at mealtime?

Do we hurry through the day with scarcely a loving word to those who love us most?

Do we inflate our egos at the expense of others?

Do we pass by opportunities to give freely, to touch gently, to smile lovingly?

Do we waste time feeling sorry for ourselves in our petty disappointments?

Lord, do we believe in You enough to truly accept Your forgiveness by changing our lifestyles? We pray that it is so!

Having been blessed with the assurance that we are loved by God, we go now to deliver this blessed assurance to our sisters and brothers —

whoever they are,
wherever they are.

Jesus sent His disciples out, two-by-two:

first the “Twelve”;
the “seventy”;
then others;
now us.

We have come together, not as passive receivers, but as active ministers.

We have come together in the Cause of Christ; to further His ministry.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, You have graced us with Your Love, but we sometimes choose to lurk in the shadows and shun the light.

We sometimes turn away from opportunities to serve You.

We complicate our lives, because we put our way before Your way.

We become agents of destruction in our human relationships because we put ourselves first, our neighbor last.

Lord, we are failing in our ministry of Christian discipleship. But we ask Your forgiveness Lord, because we want to succeed! We want to keep trying!

Go now, with God’s blessing!

Go now, and lose your life in His ministry of love.

Go now, and discover who you really are!
On the first Pentecost Sunday, because the apostles were gathered together in fear, they locked the door and closed the shutters of their room, so that no one would enter.

On this Pentecost Sunday, because we gather together in faith we may unlock the doors and open the shutters of our hearts, so that the Holy Spirit may enter.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we lock You out of our hearts,
wanting You, and yet afraid.

We want to be Your disciples
but are afraid of the consequences.
We want to proclaim Your Truth
but are afraid of the criticism.
We want to feed the poor
but are afraid of the cost.
We want to shelter the homeless
clothe the needy
heal the sick
defend the helpless
but are afraid of the time involved.

Lord, we want to confess our sins
but are afraid to admit them.
Lord, we want to open our hearts to You,
but we are afraid.

Lord, forgive our fear.

God ignites the flame of love in our souls
with the sacred fire of His Holy Spirit.
Go now and ignite the flame of love in your
brothers’ and sister’ souls
with the same sacred fire.

Welcome, disciples of Christ!
of the Fisherman
of the Teacher
of the Healer
of the Messiah
of the Risen Lord
of the One Truth.

Welcome, disciples of Christ,
as we gather to hear His Word.

Penitential Prayer
We are sorry, Lord, for our “sometime” discipleship.

— sometimes too embarrassed to express love
— sometimes too self-centered to share
— sometimes too talkative to listen
— sometimes too stubborn to say, “I’m sorry”
— sometimes too righteous to say, “I forgive you.”

We are sorry, Lord, for our “sometime” discipleship. Please forgive us.

Let us go out, and make disciples of all nations, knowing that Jesus is with us

and tomorrow
and always.

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