Prayers For Worship May 2020

May 3, 2020
“Come,” beckons the Good Shepherd to His flock!
“I am the Gateway to new life. Come!”
for refreshment …
for comfort …
for healing …
for peace of soul …
Come, and I will make you whole!

Penitential Prayer
So often, Father, we are appreciative and thankful only for those things we consider extraordinary.
We overlook so much of Your world’s simple beauty:
We overlook the sweetness of the birds and their songs;
We overlook the wonder of the seasons;
We overlook the passion of autumn, the majesty of winter; the freshness of spring, and the fruitfulness of summer;
We overlook the heart-warming joy in a child’s laughter;
We overlook the wonder of the sea, the sand, the wind, the planets, the stars.
Father we have overlooked so much for which we must be thankful.
We ask forgiveness for our shortsightedness and pray that we might become more fully sensitized to the wonder and glory of Creation.

Follow the Good Shepherd.

Answer His call.
Walk in His tracks.
Obey His commands.
Follow Him, hopefully, joyfully.

MAY 10, 2020
Today, we have come
to discover the way to wholeness of life,
to hear the truth about wholeness of life,
to enter wholeness of life.
“I am the way, and the truth, and the life,”
says the Lord Jesus.
Today, we have come
to follow his way
to listen to His Word,
to experience His life.

Penitential Prayer
We confess our barrenness. Father we have become
dry, withered, fruitless,
faithless, hopeless.

We who are divisive, we who are deceptive, we who sow hatred,

We who inflict the pain of betrayal, are the bearers of evil fruit.

We ask forgiveness Lord, for severing our union with You, our true Vine.

We want to reconnect with the one, true source of Resurrection Power, without which we cannot bear good fruit.

Go now in the knowledge that our works of love in the Lord’s service are a necessary and valuable contribution to the fulfillment of God’s Plan of Redemption.

May 17, 2020
Do you feel abandoned?
Hear the Word of the Lord: “I will ask the
Father and He will give you another Advocate –
to be with you always” (John 14:16).

Are you fearful in your loneliness?

Hear the Word of the Lord: “I will not leave
you orphaned. I will come back to you …
And you will have life” (John 14:18,19).

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we confess our failure
to welcome strangers
to comfort the lonely ones
to visit prisoners
to help the downtrodden
Lord, we confess that by these failures we have sown bitterness and anger and resentment in others which we now pretend not to understand.

Forgive us, Lord, for abandoning those of our brothers and sisters who need us most.
Forgive us for our failure to share with them the Spirit of God.

Jesus has given us another Advocate so that, in the Spirit of God, we might give ourselves to the world.

Go, therefore, and,
welcome strangers.
comfort lonely ones,
visit prisoners,
help the downtrodden,
love your neighbor.

May 24, 2020
All things derive from one Divine Source.
We proclaim the Power of God.
We acknowledge our dependence on God
for life
for the meaning of life.

Penitential Prayer
Father, we confess that in many ways our lives have been less than Christian. Although we have been enlightened, we have failed to give light. Although we have known the Spirit of God’s Love, we have failed to share it with others. Although we have been prepared for discipleship, we have failed to practice it.

Forgive us, Lord, and set us straight. Teach us to love others as Jesus has loved us: unreservedly, totally, free as the wind.

Go in peace.
Pray for every living being.
And be gentle in all you say and do.

May 31, 2020
Rejoice, the earth is alive,
the air is vibrant.
Rejoice in the season of life.
Rejoice and sing and pray and worship
in the Spirit of the Lord.

Penitential Prayer
Because we have blamed others for our mistakes,
Father we ask your forgiveness.
Because we have turned our backs on those we might have helped,
Father we ask your forgiveness.
Because we have turned to you only when it was convenient
Father we ask your forgiveness.
Because we have underestimated the true worth of our friends and neighbors,
Father we ask your forgiveness.
Because we have turned the truth to our selfish ends,
Father we ask your forgiveness.
Because we have tried to do it “our way” instead of Your way,
Father we ask your forgiveness.

Fear not the darkness
for a great light shines within you.

Fear not your enemy
for your love transcends his wrath.

Go through the world fearing nothing:
harming nothing.

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