Prayers For Worship November 2011

November 6, 2011
“Keep your eyes open,”
the Lord is in your midst.

Keep your eyes open:
“The Bridegroom is here!”

Come, and greet Him!

Penitential Prayer
Most of us are walking right down the middle of the
legendary “road to hell paved with good intentions.”
We intend to give up those habits that are
destructive in our lives;
We intend to spend more time learning how
to pray and meditate effectively;
We intend to be more sensitive to the
needs of others;
We intend to reexamine our values and
our priorities;

But we are awfully busy …
we haven’t time to follow through
on our good intentions.

For our unfulfilled good intentions, Father,
forgive us.

Go, in the company of the Bridegroom
to proclaim His Gospel,
to do His works —
remembering, however,
that good intentions alone
will cause you to “nod, then fall asleep.”

November 13, 2011
Come, you “industrious and reliable servants” …
“Come, share your Master’s joy!” …
Come, your Master is calling out to you:
“Well done! Well done!”
Come, share your Master’s joy!

Penitential Prayer
The work of “building a better world” requires the use of mankind’s best resources, the highest ingenuity, but not as a substituter for Divine guidance. We do not deny that man has the capacity to change the world.

But, the question is: Change it into what? Do we have hope for a better world? The answer depends on whether or not we submit our human plans and specifications to the Divine Master Planner for evaluation.

For our foolish attempts, as builders of the New Kingdom, to rely solely on the combined resources of human reason and scientific knowledge, Lord forgive us.
For our avoidance of the real question confronting us:
“Change the world into what?”… Lord, forgive us.

trusting in God;
invest your life in the power of Love.

November 20, 2011
Throw open the blinds of your heart!
Let the sun rise in your heart!
Saying “Yes!” to God in Jesus Christ.

Penitential Prayer
Lord, if we were to be silent in Your praises today,
the very stones would cry out;
For You are our Savior and our King,
deserving of our praise,
our worship,
and our obedience.
Accept, then, our faltering words,
and receive them as perfect praise.

May Jesus Christ who rose from the dead
enable you to rise each morning
to newness of life,
refreshed in body,
restored in mind,
regenerated in spirit,
each new day a glorious foretaste
of the great new day to come.

November 27, 2011
Be ever watchful for the coming of the Lord.
watchful where we worship,
watchful where we dwell,
watchful where we work, and study and play.
Be ever watchful for the coming of the Lord.

Penitential Prayer
Merciful Father …
Because we have not lived by faith,
Because we have resisted Your Holy Spirit,
Because we have neglected Your Message of hope,
Because we have strayed from our appointed watch,
Because we have ignored the true signs of Your coming,
Because we have not loved one another as Jesus has loved us,

Merciful Father …
We beg Your pardon. We ask Your help, that we may position ourselves to accept Your Advent promise of eternal fulfillment in an attitude of joyful expectation.

Go and watch, patiently.
Go, and wait, hopefully,
for the Lord is surely coming.
Stay awake!

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