Prayers for Worship October 2012

October 7, 2012

We are one People: for although we are different from each other, we are fused together by our Father’s Love.

We are one People:
come to celebrate our individual uniqueness
and our unity as God’s children, both.

Penitential Prayer

We know there are persons among us who desperately need to know there is a way out of the deepest pit of human degradation and despair.

We know there are persons among us who desperately need to be able to put their trust in someone who can show them the way.

The question is, “Why do we hesitate to lead them out of the pit of despair and show them the way to New Life?”

For our hesitation ministry, Father, we beg Your forgiveness.

Proclaim God’s Presence!

Rejoice in God’s Presence!

God’s Presence gives us unity; our unity proclaims His Presence.

Rejoice, for we are one People!

October 14, 2012

Come, let us worship our God
who gives us life
who forgives our sins
who tells us truth
who promises us fulfillment
who invites us to follow His Son
into His Kingdom of Love.

Penitential Prayer
Forgive us, Lord, for our lack of Evangelism:

We welcome Your Gospel Truth but keep it to ourselves

We hear Your promise of fulfillment but fail to repeat it to others

We receive Your invitation to New Life but try to accept it in isolation

We treasure the constancy of Your forgiveness but we are not constant in our forgiveness of our brothers and sisters

We want to follow Jesus into Your Kingdom of Love but we seek entry by means other than loving service

We hear, we welcome, we treasure, we accept the Good News of the Gospel but we do not shout it from the rooftops.

Forgive us, Lord, for our complacency.

God has spoken to you through the Word that became flesh and now…

lives in you
motivates you
inspires you
commands you
to speak to a confused and broken world.

October 21, 2012

What are the facts of life?
What is the meaning of death?
What are we made to do?
What are we here to do?
Why are we so confused?

Let us sit at our Savior’s feet, and listen …

Penitential Prayer
Lord, we confess that we have been distracted from Your saving Word by the babble
of conflicting philosophies and ideals.

We confess that we have been distracted by the disciples of a life-style dedicated to money and things

We have been distracted from obeying Your command to love one another by the propagandists of fierce competition and mutual exploitation

We have been distracted from following Your example by the arrogant strains of “I Did It My Way.”

Lord, for our refusal to acknowledge our dependence on You for the meaning of our lives and our way of life, we ask Your Merciful forgiveness.

Having been attentive to Jesus’ Word,

We must go now as a People who are
mindful of His warnings,
obedient to His commands,
inspired by His example.

We must go as a People who live in imitation of Jesus’ Life of loving service. These are the facts of Christian life. These are the things we need to do in order to give meaning to our life — and death.

October 28, 2012

We come today to experience the power of Jesus:
the power that cures the blindand even raises the dead.

We come today to experience Jesus’ power of healing:
and to partake of that power so that we may become healers.

Penitential Prayer
There are times when we say, “It’s hopeless,” when we should be saying “All things are possible with God.”

There are times when we have tried to bring down God’s faithfulness to the level of our own faithlessness.

There are times when we closed our minds and hearts to the limitless possibilities of the miracles and surprises we can expect from Your hand.

Lord, we confess that we need strength for our weak faith.

Lord, we need to have our belief in miracles restored.

His call is echoing in my ears, and pounding in my heart and soul;

For He has called out my name,
and I shall follow Him.

He has worked the miracle of faith in my life,
and I believe!

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