Children’s Sunday Sermon August 27, 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermon
Good morning boys and girls. Will everyone who is happy please raise your hand? Very good, that is most of you. And to anyone who is not feeling happy today, just remember, things will get better, I promise. Exactly what makes you happy, boys and girls? Let’s name some things. Spending time playing with your friends. That’s a good one. How about the last day of school before summer vacation? I know that makes all of you happy. Or maybe Christmas, or your birthday? Yes, those are all things that should make you happy. Maybe it is a vacation at the beach or camping? Those are all wonderful parts of life, aren’t they boys and girls?

Now let’s name some others. How about sharing your things with a friend who has less than you? How about spending time with someone who is sick or lonely? What about giving a gift rather than receiving one? How about giving your time to help someone who needs you? How about really listening to Jesus’ command to love one another?

Yes, boys and girls, all those other things may make you happy today. But if you really want to live the happy life that God has planned for you, then you must do those things that Jesus has asked of you in our greatest recipe book ever for living –- our Holy Bible. And when you do, you’ll find true happiness!

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