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Welcome to — an online directory of outstanding preaching resources! For more than five decades, the Sunday Sermons editors have served the preaching ministries of clergy worldwide and continue to do so today! Our Sermons and pulpit resources are a powerful aid to busy preachers, pastors, and church leaders tasked each week with preaching God’s Word to their people. 

Are you looking for a lectionary sermon for this Sunday? At, we understand how challenging it is to find fresh ideas for sermons each Sunday of the year. Our comprehensive online directory of sermons provides preachers with thousands of resources to help them more effectively prepare their messages. 

The pulpit-tested resources at include inspirational Sermons indexed by a wide range of topics and scriptures – and are keyed to the ABC lectionary cycle. Preachers have ready access to our full-text Sermons, sermon audio, prayers, illustrations, and thousands of additional resources — ideal for all age groups, including children. 

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A young woman is rushed to the hospital — she arrives unconscious — the traumatic shock has set in, and she is very near death. Emergency Room nurses struggle to find a pulse and cannot get a blood pressure reading. Days later, remembering the experience, the patient said, Within the tiniest fraction of an
During a scholarly discussion of the existence of God, the famous psychologist Dr. Erich Fromm told his colleagues that instead of debating the question “Is God dead?” they should be debating the question, “Is man dead?” The psychologist explained: Man has been transformed into a thing … a producer … a consumer … an
A famous psychiatrist says he discovered in his practice that long-term drug addicts have only two options available to them: one is death, and the other is God. He says that unless they manage to get religion — discover God in some way — they will continue to go downhill until, sadly, they reach
In 1899, Isidor Rabi, who would become one of the twentieth century’s most famous physicists, came to the United States and grew up on New York City’s Lower East Side. Rabi is responsible for the discoveries necessary for inventing the microwave oven and MRI imaging, among other important work. He was a consultant on
A young mother began her journal entry at the end of a very long day. She writes, I told my husband I got no work done today. I was home with a sick kid with a mysterious illness that wouldn’t go away. I realize I have slipped back into my old ways with that
In his classic novel, “The Idiot,” the principal character of renowned Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky is “Prince Myshkin,” a man who suffers intense epileptic seizures. Each time he has a seizure, he receives a deep insight into the great mystery of life. In the author’s words, “Suddenly amid sadness, spiritual darkness, and oppression, there

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