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Elevate Your Preaching with our Sunday Homilies! 

Remarkably relevant in an age of moral and social chaos, now more than ever, preachers face enormous challenges as they struggle to answer the call to effective preaching. Masterfully, our Sunday homilies will help you mix the vibrant palette of Scripture and storytelling, parables, and timeless Truths as you rise to answer your most significant responsibility to provide the spiritual nourishment your people hunger for.

Each week, the Sunday homily service from the editors of Sunday Sermons offers fresh insights, perfect for various preaching styles. And now, with our audio option, pastors can listen to the Sunday homilies in the comfort of their office, automobile, or any portable music device!

Sunday Homilies Keyed to the ABC Lectionary Cycle 

Each Sunday homily follows the Roman Catholic ABC Lectionary Cycle. Selected from more than 50 years of full-text homilies,  the messages on this site include nearly twenty complete A-B-C Lectionary Cycles packed with thousands of powerful, point-making sermon illustrations — hundreds of contemporary themes — all conveniently indexed for maximum benefit and ease of use. This is the most extensive contemporary collection of full-text, single-source homilies that we know of! If you can use one of our Sunday homilies, you will likely find them a valuable addition to your homily resources!

Preparing your Sunday Homily

Survey after survey has reported that a typical preacher spends 12-20 hours each week preparing and delivering their weekly Sunday homily. And some preachers spend significantly more time preparing their weekly message than that.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to preaching. Preachers differ from one another in talent style and many other ways. So too, do the members of their congregations. And all come together to participate in the worship experience in their uniqueness.

Each week, for better or for worse, there is change. Nothing remains the same except the immutable Word of God, which comes into our midst. And each week, both the changing preacher and the changing congregation move in one of two directions — for better or for worse, depending on the state of their love affair with the Word that dwells among them.

The Apostle Paul has written, “There is no changing the word of God.” The Word of God commands, predicts events, consoles, reprimands, and rejects evil. But also, it should inspire and bless those who come to hear His Word preached each week in your Sunday homily. The Word of God is a creative force, and it gives us life. And hopefully, each week, it shows your people the way to New Life.

About Sunday Homily Resources has served tens of thousands of pastors worldwide in their pulpit ministries. Long recognized as a leading full-text sermon resource, Sunday Homilies from provides busy pastors the help they need to answer their most awesome responsibility — to preach God’s Word in the most effective way possible.

Biblically sound Sunday Homilies

Keyed to the Roman Catholic A-B-C Lectionary Cycle, the Sunday homilies are grounded in Scripture, theologically solid, and for many, life-changing. A resource that connects the timeless message of Scripture with today’s people, problems, and pursuits — perhaps more effectively than any other pulpit resource — inspires, energizes, enriches, and uplifts the preaching ministries of those who turn to this valuable resource, week after week.

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The Sunday homilies subscription includes the weekly full-text Sunday homilies, sermon audio, prayers, and children’s messages – plus access to the vast Sunday homilies archive and much more!

We are excited about this opportunity to share with you the timeless truths of the Gospel in this contemporary setting. Please join us each week as we explore the Good News of a Gracious God who welcomes us into His Kingdom of Love. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as we continue to add content to this important new resource.

Each week you will receive a host of reliable and consistent resources, including…

  • Full-text Sunday homily for each week keyed to the ABC Lectionary Cycle
  • Weekly Children’s message
  • Powerful, relevant illustrations you’ll be excited to use
  • Full search access to our 2-million-word homily database
  • Convenient library formats including text, word processing, email, printer friendly, and Acrobat pdf
  • Listen to this week’s sermon with our new audio option
  • And much more!

…all for less than $1.50 per week!

Sign-up today to begin your Sunday Homilies Online membership. Your subscription includes the weekly full-text Sunday reflections and homilies, prayers, and children’s messages – plus access to the 50-year preaching resource archive and much more!

  • Convenient Formats • Sunday Homily resources are provided in Text, Printer Friendly, Acrobat PDF, and Email for convenience and editing! Choose the format that best suits your needs.
  • Homily Library • Your subscription includes fresh homilies for each week, children’s messages, prayers for worship, and an extensive back issue archive conveniently stored in your password-protected Sunday Homily library.
  • New Audio Feature • Many current homilies are also offered in audio format. Sign on, listen to a message, or download it to Itunes or your favorite music app.
  • ABC Lectionary • Each Sunday Homily is keyed to the ABC Lectionary Cycle.
  • Sermon Illustrations • There’s nothing like a well-placed point maker; every homily is packed with them. You may also search and select additional illustrations from our ever-growing archive.
  • Helpful Support • Whether it’s help with your account or a special request, our subscriber services team is ready to answer your questions seven days a week.

Never in the history of mankind has a study of the life of Jesus been more vital and rewarding. In an age of anxiety and despair, the ministry and message of Jesus speak more clearly than ever about God’s purpose for the world. Amid the chaos and confusion of our time, people the world over is hungering for the good news of God in Jesus.

Since 1970, Sunday homilies have been delivering the good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us as you continue to provide the timeless Truths of the Gospel message to your people through your weekly Sunday Homily.


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