Children’s Sunday Sermons March 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 5, 2023
Good morning boys and girls. I think you all know a little something about mystery stories. Sometimes these stories are called “Whodunits?” It’s a short way of saying that somebody did something, but we don’t know who. As such stories unfold, we are given clues about who that somebody might be. A clue puts your mind to work on the problem, and the more clues you get, the closer you get to solving the mystery.

Into each of our lives comes mystery. The perfect example of course, is God. Who is this God who created the Universe? Who is this God who created me? We ask these questions, and we look for clues. And the best clue of all comes from the Lord Jesus. He begins by telling us that God is Love. Then comes the clue: If you want to get the best idea of all about who the God of Love is, you must try to imitate God. He loves us so much that He wants us to share in His life of love forever, and He wants us to share this Good News with others.

When you share in this way when you love others in this way, you get a glimpse — kind of a little peek — into the mystery of what God’s life is like and it will give you joy. It will make you happy. And you will have a clue to what Heaven is like. Because, in Heaven, you will have no further need of clues. In Heaven, the Mystery of God in no longer a Mystery. In Heaven, you will see God in all His glory!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 12, 2023
Good morning boys and girls. Can anyone name some of the things that are necessary for all human beings to live? That’s right, we all need air to breathe and food to eat. What else? Of course, we all need water to live. Did you know that the human body contains more than 70% water? Isn’t that amazing? You see, all the tiny little cells in our bodies are made up mostly of water. And that’s why water is so important for us to live. Do you know what scientists look for first when they explore distant planets? That’s right. They look to see if there is any water there because if there is, then there might be living things present, like plant life — and that would be an amazing discovery! You see, boys and girls, water is a necessary building block for all living creatures. Without water, there can be no life.

Boys and girls, today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said, “Anyone who drinks the water that I shall give will never be thirsty any more. The water I give will turn to a spring inside, welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). What do you suppose Jesus meant when He said this? Do you think He was talking about giving someone a cup of water to drink? We know that Jesus did give food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty, but He is talking about something far more important here. When Jesus talks about the water building up inside like a spring, He is talking about the Love of God being inside of us. And He said the water inside will build up to eternal life. And eternal life means to be with God, always. So now you know, boys and girls, just how important water is for all living creatures. But even more important, as loyal followers of Jesus, we need to keep filling ourselves up with the Love of God. Now let’s all show God that we have been drinking from the spring of His living water by doing the good works that He expects of us!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 19, 2023
Good morning girls and boys. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said, “I must carry out the work of the One that sent Me” (John 9:4). Of course, Jesus is talking about the work that God sent Him to do here on Earth. And like Jesus, we also must carry out the work that is expected of each one of His loyal followers. We know that we must always be doing the good works that Jesus has assigned to us in the greatest instruction book ever written for living a happy life — our Holy Bible.

As one of Jesus’ loyal followers, you can be a good worker, helping to spread the healing power of God to people who need it most. You can do this good work by listening to others with your heart, by sharing with those who have less, and by being kind to someone who is feeling bad. Those are just some of the good works you know are expected of you. You know, boys and girls, that as students, you have certain work that you must do in school Monday through Friday, throughout the school day — and then some homework at night! And you know that your parents who work in their jobs have certain things that are expected of them during their workday, or maybe they have a job that requires them to work at night. But no matter if it’s a 25-hour school week or a 40-hour work week, when the workday is over, there is free time to spend doing other things. But it is not so for the work that God has in mind for us. No, God’s assignment for us is a seven-day-a-week, twenty-four-hour a day job! That’s right! 24-7! And you have heard over and over again what the most important work of all is — and that is to Love One Another! Now let’s all get to work!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
March 26, 2023
Good morning boys and girls! Did you know we learn from the Bible that Jesus could walk on water? Just imagine that! The Bible tells us that some of Jesus’ followers were in a boat on a lake when they saw Him walking toward their boat. A boy heard this story in his Sunday School class, and the teacher asked him what this teaches us. The boy answered, “It teaches us that Jesus couldn’t swim!”

Well, boys and girls, that is a funny answer, but we know that Jesus could do a lot more than just swim. He made miracles, and walking on water was just one of them! The miracles that Jesus performed were all signs to help us to believe in Him and to have faith that He will reward us with eternal life with God in Heaven. We also read about another miracle that Jesus performed at a wedding feast. When they ran out of wine, Jesus turned water into wine for the people to drink. Jesus also performed miracles of curing sick people, and He even raised a man named Lazarus from the dead. These were all signs for the people to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, sent down to do His work here on earth.

Boys and girls, let’s now think about the greatest miracle ever. What do you suppose that would be? Yes, the flowers and the mountains, and the oceans are all good examples of God’s miracles. But the one miracle of life that I am thinking of is the miracle of YOU! In all the cities and countries — in all the world, in all the universe there is no one else exactly like you! That really is a miracle, boys, and girls. And each one of you is so special to God, each one of you is so loved by God that He has created a place for you in Heaven! And that is the wonderful miracle of God’s Love.


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