Words And Music

Mark Twain had a bad habit of spicing his conversation with profanity. Twain’s wife, a delicate, refined woman, often became very upset by his rough language. She tried, in many ways, to cure him of the habit — always unsuccessfully, of course. On one occasion she tried a shock technique. When Twain arrived home from …

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Singers Of Life

Loren Eisley was a naturalist and an anthropologist. One day, while making some observations in a small glade, he leaned against a stump and fell asleep. He said he was awakened, “dimly aware of some commotion and outcry in the clearing … On an extended pine branch sat an enormous raven with a red, squirming …

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Out Of The Shadows

Someone has compiled a telling list of “famous fibs.” Here are a few: The check is in the mail. We service what we sell. Money is cheerfully refunded. This offer is limited to the first one hundred people. You’ve already won a valuable prize. One size fits all. Your table will be ready in a …

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