Do Something!

Jesus commands each of us: “Love one another as I have loved you.” There is a story of a young clergyman who went to the pulpit and won the congregation’s …

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What’s New?

Once upon a time, two little sunflower seeds nestled snugly together in the soft earth … They talked of God, the Creator of all seeds. They wanted to find Him. …

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Just Words?

Two thousand years ago, on the Sunday which we now know as “Passion Sunday” or “Palm Sunday,” a great crowd greeted Jesus as he entered the City of Jerusalem. “They …

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Good Listeners

A popular literary journalist1 began thinking about the telephone and how it affects people’s lives … He thought of the people who might be anxiously hoping to hear a doctor’s …

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Rest Assured!

Christmas is a time for peace and quiet — a time for quiet assurance, quiet trust. That sounds good. After all, the world is filled with noise and confusion and …

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Flutter Your Wings!

Land where our fathers died/Land of the pilgrim’s pride/ From every mountainside/Let freedom ring! On “Independence Day,” the American people celebrate the great gift of freedom they have received as …

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Make Time!

A certain obstetrician delivered babies with great professional skill as well as with a flourish all his own. When the babies first appeared, he began talking to them. From the …

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