Original Sin

A Matter Of Trust

The scene is an ice cream parlor. The characters are two large turtles and a small one. Each of the turtles orders an ice cream sundae. As they wait for their orders to be filled, they notice that it has begun to rain. Whereupon, one of the big turtles says, “We’re going to need an …

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Only God Knows Best

The greatest Good News ever to break into our existence is the Good News of God’s Love. The God who created you loves you so much that He continuously acts in your life and in your world so that you and I and all persons can have wholeness of life. This is Gospel! This is …

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We’re Number One

When personalized license plates were introduced in Illinois, the Department of Motor Vehicles received over one thousand requests for the number “one.” The state official whose job it was to approve requests said, “I’m not about to assign it to someone and disappoint a thousand people.” What was his solution? He assigned the number to …

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